My Top 5 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers’ Day is right around the corner and I was thinking through some gift ideas that would totally benefit every mom around the world so we can all have a happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother's Day | My Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | One Sweet Life


When I was digging down and really thinking through what I would want, I kept a couple of things in mind.

I am trying to not only get fitter but be healthier this year. We are working on decluttering and organizing more efficiently so our house is a relaxing and bright atmosphere that’s not bogged down with tons of stuff we don’t really need. I would love some peaceful time to myself and I want to feel pampered and not have to do anything.
With all that in mind, I created my top 5 things that I think any mom would love for mother’s day.


Happy Mother's Day | My Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | One Sweet Life


A Happy Mother’s Day Gift #1: Fitbit

If you’ve never had a fitbit, this tool is amazing if you are trying to get healthier. I used to have the Charge HR but it started falling apart so I decided to go ahead and get the charge 2.

The charge 2 has a better sleep analysis, it has reminders to get up and move around if you’ve been sitting for awhile, and it has breathing exercises to help you relax.

These Fitbits are usually 149.99 but are on sale for mother’s day for 129.95.


A Happy Mother’s Day Gift #2: Cleaning services

As a mom one of my job titles is CCO, chief cleaning officer, of our household. I usually have this under control. You can check out my post here if you need help getting your cleaning routine under control.

But if you know someone who could really use the help, why not gift an hour’s worth of cleaning services? These services usually range from $25 to $30 an hour. I don’t know about you, but it would be awesome having someone else come in and just clean for me for an hour! They could tackle some of the areas that I don’t necessarily like doing!

Or if you can’t afford to pay someone else, offer a coupon for you to help to clean. I’m sure they would greatly appreciate the help.


A Happy Mother’s Day Gift #3: Dinner

Why not gift a night where she doesn’t have to cook or clean up afterwards? Eat out at her favorite restaurant or rather get takeout from that restaurant so you don’t have to go anywhere. Maybe have a personal chef come out to your house, if that is available in your area.

Or try a meal delivery service like Blue Apron or Plated. You get all the ingredients that you need ready to go and all you have to do is follow the directions and cook!


A Happy Mother’s Day Gift #4: Spa day

This option could be the priciest of them all. But oh to be pampered. I’ve noticed a lot of deals right now for mother’s day spa packages. If you can split the cost between a couple of siblings, you can make the cost a little more affordable.


A Happy Mother’s Day Gift #5: Car detail

Finally, the last gift is getting her car detailed. The car is the last thing on my priority list to clean. I don’t want to drag the vacuum cleaner out there and rummage through the seats as I try to make sure I’ve gotten everything between the seats, under the seats, etc.

Cleaning the car just has so much work involved. Gifting that would just help her check that off her to do list and have a clean car to drive around in!


Happy Mother’s Day! What are some of your gift ideas?


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