I’ve started to feel like this time of year is almost a new year right? The school is year is approaching. Soon the leaves will be changing colors and the need for air conditioning will change to heat because it’ll be soooo cold! This is kind of like the last sprint before the end of the year too!

I have to admit this fall is new for me and my family. My daughter Jadyn is starting Kindergarten. She’ ll be going to real school. And I’m totally not emotionally ready for this. I’m not sure when this happened.

But I know I need to get ready. I need to get back into the zone because we did take this summer to just hang out and go with the flow.


Goal Setting and Preparing for Success This Fall | Fall Goals


Here are my 7 ways I’m getting ready for fall:


1 | Morning Routine

Waking up before the girls. I cherish this time because it’s quiet and I am able to think and focus on the tasks that I need to at this time. Lately I’ve been so tired (and feeling lazy too) that I haven’t been waking up early and having this time to myself.

Exercise. It feels like my exercise goes in sprints. One week I’ll be on the ball and the next I can barely get enough motivation to do a lap around our house!

Coffee and to dos. Really sitting down and mapping out the day so everything that I need to do and want to do get done. But also being realistic and not writing so much stuff that I’m stressed out all day long and then disappointed when I can’t cross everything off my to do list.


2 | Resetting end of the year goals

I have a love/hate relationship with goals. I know that goals push you to be the person you want to be. When you set goals, you have an expectation of what you want your life to look like some time in the future. But my problem is I get so caught up in the end result that I fail to move forward with the day to day. I see this huge goal and it almost paralyzes me to the point of no action.

Reevaluating goals +Setting new goals. So to combat this problem. I’m setting one business goal and one personal goal to achieve by the end of the year. That way I don’t have to worry about other things that will just dilute my efforts.

Breaking down goals. Consistency is what I know I am lacking.
Follow through
Small bite size chunks so I know I’m moving forward


3 | Daily schedule

Ideal day. Take some time to really envision what the best day ever could look like for me. What is it that I’m doing? Where am I? How am I feeling? Getting a clear picture of this will really help with scheduling out the day and making things happen.

Timeline for tasks. How long am I going to give myself to complete tasks? How much time do I want to spend doing certain things?

Over-scheduling. There are days when I definitely over-schedule myself and I end up feeling defeated when I can’t complete all the things on my to do list. I think cutting back a little bit will help ensure that I am able to finish. If I finish early then I can add more on to my plate.


Goal Setting and Preparing for Success this Fall | Daily Planner | Fall Goals


4 | Stick to timelines I set for myself

Keep life balanced.  One of the main reasons why I feel unbalanced is because I let one category take up all of my time, mental space, and energy. If I write a timeline for myself I need to set a timer and stick to what I planned, otherwise I will just get overwhelmed with everything that didn’t get done.


5 | Organizing and decluttering high stress zones

Kid’s Playroom. No matter how hard I try, this room just defeats me. Every time. The problem is that the room is too small and there isn’t enough wall space for all the functions I want this room to be able to serve. Going back to the drawing board and re-configuring this space so it’s not only pretty but functional is happening by the end of the year.

Office Space. (Side note: I love that movie!) Cutting out unnecessary items. More is not always better, right?!

That way I can feel refreshed and re-energized going into the Fall!


6 | Choosing adventure

This is the last summer we have before we officially start school. My daughter is going into Kindergarten and I want to make the most of the free time we have left!

I also want to start doing things out of the ordinary with the family. Choosing the adventure rather than the routine.


7 | Running to do list to keep with me

To do lists. I’m going to start keeping in the planner a running to do list so I can jot down any idea I have, before I forget it. I have 2 separate pages so I have one that is business related and one that is personal. That way everything that must be done is in one place. I can easily transfer it to my weekly and daily schedules so I can cross off items as I go down the list.


Goal Setting and Preparing for Success This Fall | Fall Goals



How are your preparing for Fall? Leave a comment below and let me know what your doing to get in gear!


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